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Baccarat is a favorite pastime of the amazing agent 007, James Bond. In the famous Casino Royale a fateful role was assigned to it. Chemin de fer, Punto Banco, Nine, Macau, Iron ... This card game of chance has many names, but a single essence.

From the distant and dark times of the Middle Ages - and to our time of virtual gambling, it has not become any less relevant. In its unprecedented combination of simplicity, fun and profitability, the card game baccarat online for money is one of the undisputed leaders in the official casino Goxbet online.

Игра баккара онлайн в казино Goxbet

Online baccarat for money and free from the best providers

The popular game of baccarat in Go X Bet casino is presented in two formats - demo and for money. To play baccarat for free and without registration - just point to the icon of the selected machine in the gaming room, and click "Demo". This does not require authorization.

Free to play baccarat online you can unlimited number of times. The gameplay is conducted on conditional credits, so you can, absolutely no risk and no hurry, get acquainted with all models of slot machines Baccrat gambling club Goksbet.

And when you decide it's time to play baccarat for money - you just need to register a profile on the casino site Goxbet, and make a deposit any convenient way. Playing baccarat online for money can be even more profitable if you take advantage of one of the many bonuses of our casino site, a full list of which you can read on this page.

Игра в баккара на деньги и бесплатно в казино-онлайн ГоуИксБет

The casino features the best modern baccarat card game emulators from such market leaders as card games from Microgaming, Playtech, Tom Horn, etc. High percentage of payout, realistic gameplay, the opportunity to influence the outcome of the round, honing their own skills - online baccarat at Goxbet guarantees you an unforgettable experience.

A provider BetGames went even further - and offers to play baccarat with live dealers in real time in a live casino. So the atmosphere of risk and real presence in the casino is exacerbated to the limit when playing baccarat in a live casino!

How to play baccarat - rules and combinations

The classic today is American baccarat - the most common in both land-based and online casinos. In the real format, the game can involve from 1 to 3 croupiers, and the number of players can reach 14 participants (but in theory, the number of participants can be unlimited).

The game is played with 8 full card decks, and the participant plays against the dealer (or the artificial intelligence of the slot machine). In land-based clubs, the croupier is also called a banker, and this is where the second name, punto banco (player and banker), comes from.

Правила и комбинации карточной игры баккара

How to play baccarat online? The rules are incredibly simple, so learn how to play baccarat is not difficult, so it will cope even a novice gambler in card games. In addition, modern slot machines Baccarat Online is equipped with a paytable, which is described in detail all the rules of gameplay. They are also presented on numerous thematic resources on the Internet, and even Wikipedia.

The game of baccarat begins with the fact that the client makes a bet. Limits are indicated directly on the gaming table, made in a special table, or listed in the information section, depending on the model.

Then the player and the dealer get two cards. Hands are compared, on the basis of which the winner is determined. The main goal - to get 9 points or as close to this figure. In this case, the cards are paid rather unconventionally:

  • Two to nine are paid according to their face value;
  • Ace equals 1 point;
  • "pictures" bring nothing.

Winning combinations

The most valuable combination in baccarat slot machines is considered "natural" - 2 cards, the sum of 9 or 8 points. If you get a value greater than 9 points, 10 is subtracted from the sum - thus, overkill is simply impossible, and the hand is always from 0 to 9 points.

The third card rule

As mentioned above, the winning hand is a hand worth 9 points. If one of the contestants has 8 points and the opponent has less, the combination is also considered a winning hand. If neither contestant has 8 or 9 points, the third card rule applies:

  • If the first 2 cards bring the player from 0 to 5 points, he receives 3 cards (if more than 5 - no);
  • If the dealer has 0-4, he gets one more card, if more than 5 - no. If the dealer's point total is 5, the decision depends on the player's hand;
  • if the player doesn't get a 3 card, the banker gets one if he's up to 5, and stops at 6-7;
  • if the 3 card brings the user 2-3 points, the dealer takes the 3 card with 0-4, stopping at 5-7;
  • if the player with a 3 card has 4-5 points - the banker takes a card from 0 to 5, and stops at 6-7;
  • 6-7 points player on the third card brings the croupier an additional card at 0-6 points, and up to 7;
  • when the user scores 8 points - the dealer takes a card at 0-2 points, and up to 3-7;
  • if the 3rd card received by the participant turns out to be a 9, 10 or one of the "higher cards", including an ace - the banker receives a 2 card on 0-3 points, and stops at 4-7.

Baccarat bets

When playing Baccarat slots player can make bets of the following types:

  • on the player (paid 1:1) - "punto";
  • on the bank (1:1 - 5% commission in favor of the casino) - "banco";
  • on a draw (8:1 or 9:1, depending on the rules of the particular type).

As a result, the winning bet is considered to be the bet on the one who scores a higher value. For example, if the dealer scores 9 points - the bet on the bank wins, if less - on the player. Betting on a draw wins in case the hands are equal.

As you can notice, the rules of the game card game Baccarat are quite unusual and may not be familiar to the average player. Here you can check out other sections of popular casino card games for money - online video poker, as well as the 21-point game online, better known worldwide as blackjack.

Types of baccarat in casinos

The long history of the game and its incessant popularity has led to the emergence of many varieties of this entertainment. Despite the differences in the rules, the essence remains the same - to accumulate the maximum amount, but not exceeding 9. The main differences in different types of baccarat concern the following aspects of the gameplay:

  • number of decks - from 1 to 9;
  • number of participants - up to 13;
  • distribution of cards, the order of obtaining an additional 3 cards, payout odds;
  • payouts from the bank or from clients' bets;
  • markup on the tables, etc.

Chemin de fer

Chemin de fer (often referred to simply as "chemmi"), is most popular in Europe. In land-based casinos, professional croupiers do not take part in the process, and the role of the dealer is alternately performed by the participants. The bank is formed from the bets made, and the club itself charges a 5% commission.

Карточная игра Шемин де фер онлайн в казино Гоксбет

According to Chemin de Fer, the third card is also taken according to different rules:

  • 6-7 points - the hand remains unchanged;
  • 4 or less - the player takes a card;
  • 5 - the decision on the third card is made by the participant himself.

After that, the decision is made by the "dealer". If there are more points than the opponent - he takes the stakes and further deals cards. If the opponent's hand is more valuable - he takes his bet in double. And the role of the dealer goes to another player.


European baccarat and its variety of gameplay, on a par with the American, is considered a classic. The rules are largely identical, the differences concern only a few aspects:

  • if the user has 5 points, he decides on the need for 3 cards;
  • the size of the pot is determined by the casino, and players' bets depend on previous games;
  • if the dealer wins, the player pays 5% commission to the club.

Punto banco

Punto Banco differs in the following points (otherwise, the rules are identical to the classic American version):

  • the game is played against 1 croupier;
  • the number of participants can be up to 16.

Играть в пунто банко онлайн в казино Гохбет

Baccarat slot machines

A separate variety (and the most relevant today) is virtual baccarat, represented on the Web by an incredible number of variations. Due to the general round-the-clock availability, maximum ease of play and absolute honesty of the results, it is one of the undisputed favorites in online casinos around the world.

Игровой автомат Баккара (Baccarat) от Tom Horn

In the gaming rooms of virtual clubs you can find baccarat slot machines, both classic and the most original models with unusual and exciting rules. And the availability of free demo allows you to play for fun, without risking your bet. Among the most popular video versions of the game of baccarat include Baccarat Simple from Playtech, as well as slot machine Baccarat from Tom Horn. According to reviews, baccarat is one of the most beloved online card games by players.

Strategies and schemes for playing Baccarat - how to win in baccarat?

Everyone who is interested in finding various winning techniques or secrets of baccarat should know that all existing strategies are absolutely ineffective in relation to it. For example, such popular systems as Martingale, anti-Martingale, etc., are completely impossible to apply.

This is due to the fact that the rules of the gameplay player's freedom of action is quite limited. However, in this game, too, there are a few secrets of their own. Here is what experienced gamblers say about how to increase your chances of winning:

  • the most profitable is a bet on the bank (at which the advantage of the institution is reduced to a minimum possible 1.05%);
  • it is better to periodically change rates, not making the same bet 100% of the time, but it is better if the "banco" will prevail;
  • do not bet on a draw, because in this case you give the dealer a 15% advantage;
  • the fewer the decks, the more lucrative the game (due to the same casino advantage).

In addition, as in all other gambling games, baccarat should be played on a daily budget, bearing in mind your common sense and not trying to win back if you lose. Therefore, you should not play in a depressed or simply unstable emotional state.

Схемы и стратегии игры в баккара

If you are just getting acquainted with this exciting game, it is best to start this acquaintance with the demo version. In the demo mode you can study in detail the essence and the rules, and fully experience the unique atmosphere. Also this way you can understand which of its many varieties will be of maximum interest to you.

Where is the best place to play baccarat in online casinos?

So, the card game of baccarat online is the ideal choice for connoisseurs of true excitement and truly intellectual entertainment. And the online casino Go X Bet is the best option for playing in demo mode and for real money. And here's why:

  • the widest selection of slot machines in Ukraine;
  • only original software from the world's best providers;
  • stylish, intuitive interface;
  • multicurrency - play for hryvnias, rubles, zloty, dollars, euros;
  • the ability to play for free and for real stakes;
  • the availability of mobile cross-browser version;
  • complete anonymity and confidentiality of the gameplay;
  • an incredible number of bonuses;
  • 24x7 support service;
  • guaranteed withdrawal of winnings within 10 minutes.

Goxbet - your time to win here will never end!

Baccarat FAQ

What is baccarat?

Baccarat is one of the most popular modern card games, the main purpose of which is to guess who will win - the player, the dealer or the round will end in a draw. The whole gameplay is automatic, according to predetermined rules. The game uses a table with special markings for betting, as well as 8 decks of 52 cards (in the classic version).

How to play baccarat?

At the beginning of the game, the player and the banker each get two cards. The winner is the one who makes a combination of 9 points, or will score as close as possible. The value of the cards depends on the face value - 2-9 bring points according to the number, ace - 1 point, 10 and other cards - 0. If the sum is greater than 9, 10 is subtracted from it - thus, overkill is excluded.

Which online baccarat for money is better at Goxbet Casino?

E-casino Goxbet offers you only the most popular baccarat machines from the top providers such as BetGames (games with live dealers), Playtech, TomHorn, etc., with a high percentage of returns and excellent technical characteristics. So you can choose any model of a slot machine Baccarat or a game with a live dealer (Live Baccarat) to your liking in the gaming room, and enjoy the quality and profitable gameplay.

How to play baccarat slot machines for free?

In addition to playing for money, an honest online casino Goxbet offers to play baccarat not only for money, but also for free, in demo mode. To do this, simply hover over the game icon and click "Demo". Free versions of baccarat allow you to learn all the features, rules and advantages of the game, but the real winnings in such a way can not.

What are the combinations in baccarat?

There is only one winning combination in baccarat and it is called "natural". It is a combination of two cards with a total of 9. Also called a "natural" combination of two cards equal to 8, but it does not guarantee victory. If no participant collects 8 or 9 points, the "third card" rule comes into play, with numerous conditions.

What are the strategies for winning at baccarat?

Despite the fact that it is absolutely impossible to predict or predict the result of the baccarat game, various winning strategies do not lose their popularity among players. And for the most part these are betting systems (you can draw an analogy with roulette) - Martingale, Fibonacci, Laboucher, Donald-Nathanson, etc. However, none of them has proved its effectiveness in practical tests.

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